M10  Partnermeeting @ Eindhoven

Date: January 24-25, 2017

Organiser: FEI


Day 1
Scientific & Soft Skills Lectures
Day 2
Administration & Finance (P1 Report, Payment, Budget P2, Secondments)
Dissemination (publications, conferences, Simdalee2017 Conference)
Next meetings

Scientific Lectures

Advances in SEM detection, Ernst Jan Vesseur, FEI /Thermo Fisher
Compressive Sensing for SEM/STEM, Pavel Potocek, FEI /Thermo Fisher
Integrated Differential Phase Contrast (IDPC): Direct Phase Imaging in STEM, Ivan Lazic, FEI /Thermo Fisher
In-Situ TEM, Bas Hendriksen, FEI /Thermo Fisher
Monte Carlo simulation of electron-solid interactions at low energies, Erik Kieft, FEI /Thermo Fisher
Secondary Electron Emission: Basic Model and Monte Carlo Simulations, Prof. Wolfgang Werner, Technische Universität Wien
Improving accuracy for Monte Carlo simulations at low primary beam energy, Dr. Chris Walker, University of York
Carbon materials: preparation and applications, Michael Lejeune, University of Amiens
Preparation of graphene by chemical deposition methods, Eldad Grady, TU Eindhoven
Scanning low energy electron microscopy of carbon based materials, Dr. Eliška MIKMEKOVÁ, FEI /Thermo Fisher

Soft Skills Lectures

FEI’s strategy related to partnerships and open innovation, Frank de Jong, FEI /Thermo Fisher
Just produce it, Jiri Konvicny, FEI /Thermo Fisher
Introduction to patents, Pybe Faber, FEI /Thermo Fisher